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  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • St. Joseph Mercy Health System
    is an Alcoholism Treatment Facility located at 5401 McAuley Drive Ann Arbor, MI. 48106 and can be contacted by calling 734-786-4900 x2. St. Joseph Mercy Health System offers treatment services for Prescription Drug Abuse, Alcoholism and Illicit Drug Addiction

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Health Services, Alcohol Detox, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Women
    Payment Options: Medicare Assistance, Insurance - Private Pay, Self Pay

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  • According to the U. S. Department of Transportation, during 2006, more than 19% of drivers ages 16 to 20 who died in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking alcohol.
  • Substance abuse treatment for alcoholism is much better than the two other alternatives, which are incarceration or eventual death from an alcohol related health condition.
  • As of 2009, the prevalence of current alcohol use and of binge drinking among high school students was 41.8% and 24.2%, respectively.
  • Alcohol use slows reaction time and impairs judgment and coordination, skills which are needed to drive a car safely. The more alcohol consumed, the greater the impairment.

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