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  • Serenity Therapy Center LLC
  • Serenity Therapy Center LLC
    is an Alcoholism Treatment Center located at 745 Barclay Circle Rochester, MI. 48307 and can be contacted by calling 586-219-7010. Serenity Therapy Center LLC offers treatment services for Alcoholism, Illicit Drug Addiction and Prescription Drug Abuse

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Services for Young Adults, Dual Diagnosis, AIDS/HIV Clients, Lesbian and Gay, Over 50, Expectant Mothers, Women, Men, DUI - DWI Offenders, Court Appointed Client Services
    Payment Options: Self Pay, Sliding-Scale Fee

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  • The legal drinking-and-driving limit in most of the states throughout the United States is 0.1%; it is at this point that a person's ability to drive will be significantly impaired.
  • Approximately 64% of Americans drink alcohol, with 50% being 'regular drinkers'.
  • A significant amount of animal research has reported that rodent infants are susceptible to the reinforcing effects of alcohol; scientists have also noted that when rodents are exposed to alcohol in infancy, it can affect their responsiveness to alcohol later in life.
  • Alcohol metabolism permanently changes liver cell structure impairing the liver's ability to metabolize fats, which explains why heavy drinkers tend to develop fatty livers.

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